At Bay Academic Support, we measure our own achievements by the success of our students. Over the years, we have received much positive feedback from students who used our tutoring services and went on to get top-tier test scores. Head to our Contact page and get in touch with us to learn more about our educational therapy solutions.

“We have been going to Bay Academic Support for close to 4 years now. The improvement in our son is amazing. They make it where he is comfortable and confident in learning. They truly treat our son like he is family and he loves it! For once he doesn't complain about having to put in the extra work because they make it fun!...”

- Julie D.

Julie D.

“Gigi and Jaycee at Bay Academic Support provide consistent and proven reading support. Our son has shown growth and is finally asking to read books on his own. We look forward to more growth.”

- Susannah M.

Susannah M.

“My daughter learned to read and now loves to read because of GiGi and her staff. I am so grateful for the individualized attention she receives every session and the standardized measures they use to assess and track her progress. Some tutors just pick areas of weakness and focus on them, but Bay Academics compares her to her peers using...”

- Meghan F.

Meghan F.

“I brought my seven-year-old daughter (first grade)to Bay Academic Support after her teacher let me know that she was struggling in reading. Since starting at Bay Academic Support, my daughter's grades have gone up and the teacher has seen such a significant difference in her confidence! The office is cozy, and feels like a home instead of an office. She is able to kick her shoes off, eat a snack and then gets to work. The schedule is flexible and they are so patient with her! I would never take my baby anywhere else!”

- Kalyn M.

Kalyn M.

“Bay Academic Support team has been working with our daughter this summer to help refine basic reading skills and help prepare her for high school. We will continue to work with this team throughout the year for academic support. We are so relieved to find the support to get her through this year!”

- Annette F.

Annette F.